Peter Biere, Chief Financial Officer ~ Lumera Nasdaq: LMRA
Recommendation for Dan Lykken

I consider Dan a true business partner. Dan is a person of high moral and ethical fiber who brings an unmatched energy level and focus to his role. I trust Dan implicitly and recommend him highly. Dan is not only a strong team player but also a leader.
Dan isn’t one to settle for the status quo and he doesn’t shirk from tough situations. Dan specifically helped our executive team press through some very difficult times, providing leadership to shape the strategy, organization and execution of Lumera’s business.
Dan thinks strategically and brings a strong process rigor to the job – he knows how to execute. Dan also builds strong teams and invests himself into other’s growth and success – both professionally and personally – this, springing from his selfless orientation and knowledge that strong teams accomplish big things together.
Much of this contribution goes unsung, but can easily be seen in the performance of people Dan has influenced.
October 24, 2008