Raju Gulabani, President & CEO ~ Dan was VP of Sales reporting to Raju at TeleSym
... Dan is among the best sales executives and sales leaders that I have had the chance to work with.
... Dan is an absolute expert on the art of consultative selling. Dan knows how to approach senior executives and sell to them. He approaches selling not as much in terms of how to sell what he has but how to solve the customer problems. His customers trust him.
Dan hires and motivates his sales team very well and produces results. He has a strong work ethic and leads by example.
Dan can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done. July 17, 2008
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Raluca Dinu, Vice President, Electro Optics ~ Lumera Nasdaq: LMRA (purchased by GigOptix)
Dan Lykken was.... “responsible for all aspects of defining and refining the company’s strategies, markets, product positioning, opportunities and its business model.”
... Dan “has an impeccable strategic brain; he can see way ahead of others the necessary moves needed to advance the business and achieve desired success, either in organizing the team or in capturing markets and defining the right products to grow the business.”
... Dan is.....”is a marketing theoretician” who “has a rare gift of pouring himself in
guiding his team member’s career path, in understanding everybody’s dreams and helping to shape those to the benefit of the corporation’s business.” July 16, 2008
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Peter Biere, SVP, CFO ~ Lumera Nasdaq: LMRA (purchased by GigOptix)
... Dan is a person of high moral and ethical fiber who brings an unmatched energy level and focus to his role.
...Dan is not only a strong team player but also
a leader.
...Dan isn’t one to settle for the status quo and he doesn’t shirk from tough situations –
Dan specifically helped our executive team press through some very difficult times, providing leadership to shape the strategy, organization and execution of Lumera’s business.
...Dan thinks strategically and brings a strong process rigor to the job – he knows how to execute.
...Dan also builds strong teams and invests himself into other’s growth and success – both professionally and personally
October 24, 2008
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Dan Horton, CoFounder, VP - CTO/COO Humanity Interactive
...”Dan came to us with an incredibly deep background in sales and business process. ...He immediately rolled up his sleeves and started leading”
Dan’s a decisive leader of his people and organization providing clear direction and goals
...Dan’s “skills and activities in the company covered way more ground” than sales & marketing. Recognizing another gap in the company, Dan immediately took up the lead role in the fund raising efforts. He quickly crafted all the necessary documentation, pro-forma’s, and presentations and then took the show on the road”
...Dan’s “willing to take on responsibilities well beyond Sales and Marketing, a true asset on any executive team. He brings a strong work ethic and commitment to getting things done.
...Dan is well focused with an enormously high energy level that runs circles around most. Dan is open and willing to invest himself into other’s growth and success, he is always there, providing guidance and support for all.
...Dan is a man of great integrity, high morals, and clear ethics and brings a level of professionalism and personal drive to all aspects of his life.
September 3, 2010
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Helene Jaillet, VP ~ Director, IR & Corp. Communications, Lumera
Dan was much more than the VP of Sales & Marketing. ......”He was the strategic brains behind the structure that developed the company.”
...Dan pressed the CEO and Board to reorganize the company along profit center operating units with full P&L responsibility to the business unit heads in an effort to demonstrably impress the change that was taking place. The result was a clearer delineation of responsibility as well as accounting clarity.
...Dan is one of the best at sales & marketing...“his presentations are crisp backed up by carefully researched facts. ”
July 17, 2008
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Mark Glasgow, VP ~ Talk2Technology
Managed Dan
... Dan is the most fundamentally sound sales executive and sales manager I have ever worked with.
... has a detailed understanding of consultative selling theory.
I have watched him use it in action to not only win major 8-figure deals but also to coach and teach and develop sales executives for whom he manages. ” October 24, 2008
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Ron Caudle, Western Region Manager, Sequent (purchased by IBM)
Managed Dan
... Dan was one of our top sales and revenue producers his entire tenure at Sequent.
... thorough understanding of direct and indirect sales was an asset to the Sequent organization.
...formed strong business ties with the executives in the companies he served, cornerstones of Dan’s success are his work ethic, positive mental attitude and boundless energy. Dan was always someone I could count on and trust to get the business done. I endorse Dan without hesitation.”
December 26, 2008

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