From Dan Horton, Co-Founder, CTO & COO ~ Humanity Interactive.
Recommendation for Dan Lykken

“Dan Lykken came into the organization with an incredibly deep background in sales and business process. He immediately rolled up his sleeves and started leading, applying his wealth of knowledge and asking the hard questions, he quickly realigned the focus and direction of the organization. Dan rapidly analyzed the market, defining clear market segmentation and new target markets. He defined specific customer pain points leading to greater revenue opportunities. He redefined the company’s business strategy, product positioning and target markets, realigned the company business model around this direction.

While Dan was hired on to head up Sales and Marketing, his skills and activities in the company covered way more ground. Recognizing another gap in the company, Dan immediately took up the lead role in the fund raising efforts. He quickly crafted all the necessary documentation, pro-forma’s, and presentations and then took the show on the road.

When it comes to presentation skills Dan’s are impeccable, he is a polished professional with an engaging personality and is always prepared with a clear understanding of his audience. Dan’s energy level and enthusiasm is contagious and he has a positive impact on any one he comes in contact with, inside or outside the organization. Dan’s a decisive leader of his people and organization providing clear direction and goals.

As an executive he is a true team player willing to take on responsibilities well beyond Sales and Marketing, a true asset on any executive team. He brings a strong work ethic and commitment to getting things done. Often he would work with me late into the night, showing a passion and drive to get things right. He always puts in the extra effort and energy to be well prepared on a project or presentation. Personally and professionally Dan is well focused with an enormously high energy level that runs circles around most. Dan is open and willing to invest himself into other’s growth and success, he is always there, providing guidance and support for all.

He is a man of great integrity, high morals, and clear ethics and brings a level of professionalism and personal drive to all aspects of his life. I consider Dan a true asset to any organization and executive team, his strategic thinking and rigorous processes and positive mental attitude provide a strong foundation that will advance any organization. I highly recommend Mr. Lykken, it was a pleasure to work with him and I hope I get the chance to work with him again sometime in the future
.” September 3, 2010