Helene Jaillet, Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, Lumera Nasdaq: LMRA
Recommendation for Dan Lykken

“I had the privilege of working with Dan when he was VP – Sales & Marketing at Lumera. Although that was his official title, Dan was much more than that. He was the strategic brains behind the structure that developed the company. As the company transitioned from an R&D startup to commercialization, Dan pressed the CEO and Board to reorganize the company along profit center operating units with full P&L responsibility to the business unit heads in an effort to demonstrably impress the change that was taking place. The result was a clearer delineation of responsibility as well as accounting clarity. As a sales and marketing executive, Dan is one of the best: his presentations are crisp backed up by carefully researched facts. On top of all that, he has an engaging personality making it a joy to be a colleague of his. I am pleased to recommend Dan as a person of integrity, ability, and character – a real asset to any organization.” July 17, 2008